Hardwood Types


Solid hardwood is 100% solid wood. Most solid hardwood flooring needs to be nailed to a subfloor and is susceptible to shrinking and expanding from excessive moisture and extreme temperature changes. This makes it unsuitable for installation directly over concrete and is not usually recommended for below grade use. It is normally nailed or stapled to a wooden subfloor.





hardwood is also 100% wood. Its cross-ply construction allows installation below or above grade even over concrete. It resists expansion and contraction caused by temperature and humidity changes. Engineered flooring is typically glued-down, stapled-down or floated over an existing floor. It is manufactured by permanently bonding together multiple layers of solid wood in a cross ply construction. Engineered hardwood is usually the only type of hardwood that is recommended for use below grade.


 The lighting in your room also plays a role in how the wood will appear. Ask your Traditions expert for samples that you can take home before you make your final selection.



Hardwood flooring is generally described by board width. Planks are usually 2 1/4” or wider. The width of individual boards has a dramatic influence on the look of your floor. Wide widths will complement a large room but could overwhelm a small area. Select the look that you like the best and one that works with your style and the architecture of your home.

Once you have decided on your new hardwood floor the next important step is to have it installed. You’ll have to decide in what direction the floor will be laid. There are also design accents like borders and medallions that will add another design dimension to your room. You can trust your Traditions Expert to provide the appropriate installation techniques that will give you a new hardwood floor that will look stunning and last for years.

Installing a floor with the boards running across the width or on the diagonal of a narrow room will create a more spacious environment.


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